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Support and Accessibility

This site respects the recommendations of WCAG proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium. This organism has as aim to propose to the web site designers some specific norms and rules in order to create the content of a web site. This site was also developed in the frame of the point of view to respect the accessibility of the label Accessiweb proposed by the Association BrailleNet. This was conceived and developed in a manner to reach the level AA of W3C / WAI:
The compatibility with the navigators.
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If this site remain compatible with the old navigators, we advise you to use rather the last versions of the navitators.

  • On Mac O.S X, the sites: Opera, Safari, Mozilla 1.x, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 5.x for Mac O.S X and Internet Explorer 5.x for Mac O.S 9
  • On Windows, the sites : Internet Explorer 6 , Mozilla 1.x, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • On Linux, the sites : Mozilla 1.x, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • Navigateur Texte : Lynx.

Download documents _Return to the top of the page _Many downloaded documents are in the pfd format, without the accessible version direct associated. We will try to propose you an alternative version of the pdf documents.

If you will not have them you could download the Acrobat Reader on the site of Adobe. You could also transform the pdf in the HTML format and using the motor of conversion on line Adobe. For this, you have to copy the link address toward the document of pdf and paste it in the anticipated field. _The shorten keyboard. _Return to the top of the page. _The shorten keyboard was programmed in the totality on the site.

Modality of using:

Your keyboard was blocked on caps look (touch the locking of caps look and you do not have to use your digital pad, but touch the figures on the keyboard under the button of F1 to F12.

  • With the P button you could go directly to the main menu.
  • With the S button you can jump the navigation and go to the principal menu of the page.
  • The 1 button could bring you to the home page.
  • The 3 button could bring you to the plan of the site.
  • The 4 button could bring you to the motor of search.
  • The button 6 could bring you to the page support and accessibility.
  • The button 7 could bring you to the contact page.

Personalize modality

The procedure to activate the keyboards shortcuts is different according with the using navigator:

  1. Internet Explorer Windows : Alt and [keyboard shortcuts], and then Enter
  2. Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon, FireFox Windows, Galeon/Mozilla/FireFox Linux : Alt and [Shorten keyboard]
  3. Opera 7 Windows, Macintosh, Linux : Maj + Escape and [Shorten keyboard]
  4. MSIE Macintosh : Ctrl and [Shorten keyboard], and then Enter
  5. Mozilla, Netscape Macintosh, Safari 1.2 Macintosh : Ctrl and [Shorten keyboard]

The older navigators can not use the keyboard shortcuts.
Font size
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You can easy increase the size of the characters using the button Control (Ctrl) and the keyboard associated of the scroll of your mouse.

  • Making scroll the mouse toward the top you could increase the size of characters.
  • Making scroll the mouse toward down you could decrease the size of the characters.

Legal mentions


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The information posted on the site is regularly verified. The Monteclair Institute declines all responsibilities in case of errors or omission. For signalize or ask a rectification of information you could contact the webmaster of the site. If you will send a photo or a commentary you have to fill in an application form. The information that you need is addressed to the Monteclair Institute and there will not be send it to another country. You have the right to access, modify, correct and delete the information that you are interested in (art. 34 of the low of Informatics and Liberty - CNIL). In order to have access addressed to the Monteclair Institute or contact the


During your consultation of the site the “cookies” will be registered to your computer. These documents will not enable you to be identifier; it will register only the information related to the navigation on the site. You can refuse the register of the cookies to your computer.

The copyright

The copyright of the site belongs for all form of using. Particularly, the reproduction of graphic elements of the site, the complete download of the site for your own register or for diffusion and all of visual elements or texts are forbid without an authorisation. The rights of illustrations and photography of the site are the propriety of the Monteclair Institute. 51, Rue Vallon 49000 Angers 02 41 73 97 99

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